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Ekaterina Gamova almost drowned in the suburbs

Exclusive world champion, along with her husband fell through the ice!

Volleyball star Ekaterina Gamova were in a very extreme situation in which, fortunately, nobody has suffered. However, this incident could cost the athlete and her husband lives! Together with her husband Michael Mueseum — son of the famous cinematographer Anatoly Mukasey's and Director Svetlana Druzhinina — Catherine went to the picnic. However, the gatherings, unfortunately, were not as planned. To the destination the couple decided to drive the snowmobile. However, apparently, did not consider the moment that spring, though not felt, but is already beginning to come into its own. At the time of travel on the river Istra the ice cracked!

Екатерина Гамова чуть не утонула в Подмосковье

Ekaterina Gamova with her husband Michael and mother-in-law Svetlana Дружининой

"Fell through the ice near the shore, could not stand, the snowmobile went under the water together with my husband. But all alive and well, although after this situation I can't say very much. Nobody was hurt — I had time to rebound. Husband also got, a snowmobile pulled. Now restored," — said Katya.


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