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Katya LEL': "With time I learned to tell myself "stop"

The singer got rid of the popular dependencies

Singer Katya LEL — an infrequent visitor of secular parties. But if it appears, usually surprising the audience with his next outfit. However, as it turns out, the approach to style and fashion the artist is quite serious. Choose clothes helps even her own husband.

"However, before he consults with me, because he knows that if I don't like it, I won't wear. I myself, incidentally, also spoil him with new things. Although, when I buy his thing, he says: "I'm not wearing that". To which I reply, "you'll see, this thing is going to be your favorite!" And so it happens," admitted Kate at a recent party. In the process of thinking about fashion, the singer LEL told a secret that got rid of the old addiction — Shopaholic.

Катя Лель: «Со временем я научилась говорить себе "стоп»

Beloved husband Igor often indulges Katya LEL fashionable new clothes, but she does not forget to buy a stylish wife подарки

"If I used to be a Shopaholic, then eventually learned to tell myself "stop". If I could go to the store and take what I didn't even wear: then it would be hanging with labels, and I would have gave away, now I learned in a bad mood not to go to the store. Do it quietly, not on the fly. Previously could not even measure to take your size and run. Now you can afford to calmly try to drink a Cup of coffee.

Катя Лель: «Со временем я научилась говорить себе "стоп»

Katya LEL previously suffered шопоголизмом

I now ask myself the question: "if you want to wear it with pleasure?" Still, I finally learned how to choose clothes that I like. I have a big dressing room, but it's never enough, I say to myself: "When I will have the whole apartment as a dressing room?" — not without a smile said the artist.

Катя Лель: «Со временем я научилась говорить себе "стоп»

Eventually she got rid of the fashion зависимости


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