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Actress Catherine Rokotov was snowbound in the Alps

Star of TV series "the Mentalist" and "the Native land" became a victim of the disaster at the altitude of 3000 meters

The actress, who played in the series about someone who can read minds, and almost suffered during your stay in Italy. Rokotov Ekaterina decided to arrange a extreme journey, but in the end I got on the mountain peak to several thousand meters. She was exclusively told

"My recent trip was a visit to Italy, namely the Dolomites! I love skiing and have visited many ski resorts, it is difficult to surprise me, but this time I was struck by the beauty of these places! 1220 km of slopes, 12 ski resorts combined into one zone, and the incredible beauty of its nature. By the way, the area entered in the UNESCO list!

Актриса Екатерина Рокотова попала в снежную бурю в Альпах

Rokotov Ekaterina caught in a real snow бурю

Of course, I always try to climb to the highest point. The attraction of these places is the Marmolada glacier with a height of 3500 meters, and I decided to get there. However, all was not so simple. Of course, we went there with my instructor, but to rise and could not, as at the height of 3000 meters hit in a snow storm. Visibility was almost zero, heavy snow, when at this altitude, the snowflakes turn into little icicles and really hurt the skin at a strong wind. We did not dare to climb to the top, and when visibility is low there is the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of the mountains. And this is the most important!" — said not without regret Catherine.

However, she does not lose hope to try to conquer the Alps again. "I have reason to return to these places, but already in the next season!" — says the actress.


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