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The ex-spouse put Daineko a tyrant

The musician told about the bloody conflicts with the singer

Last fall, fans found out about the divorce, Victoria Dayneko and Mr Kleiman. Recall that the couple formalized their relationship three years ago and about a year later at them the daughter was born. According to the ex-spouse of the singer, throughout all these years she constantly reproached him that he doesn't earn, despite the fact that knew that marrying a guy who is just starting his career.

"When every day you hear: "Go though a caretaker or a courier run" — motivation is lost, hands down. It is difficult for any person, and creative — murder! Ruined me as a man, as a person! Trampled on my love," said the musician The first time, he believed that Victoria behaves so due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, but after the birth of a daughter, the voltage was only set to grow.

Once, on vacation in Montenegro, during the next quarrel the singer poured his hot tea. And when exhausted husband announced her divorce, she pushed him away with such force that it slipped, he smashed his head against the door jamb. On the question of why he waited so long about all this, Kleiman said that his patience came to an end when the ex-wife has completely closed access to the child: "I can't call her even send an email to arrange a meeting with the daughter."


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