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As Svetlana Khodchenkova intermarried with the Ukrainian colleague Olga Sumy

On the vicissitudes of the personal life of Russian actress in today's investigation

This year Svetlana Khodchenkova is one of the most successful, talented and beautiful Russian Actresses – notes notable date. She was thirty-five years. An excellent opportunity to take stock and make plans for the future. Loud novels about the actress and how she was connected with the Ukrainian colleague Olga Sumy, in today's investigation "Atmosphere."

Svetlana Khodchenkova was married only once. With her future husband, Vladimir Agrichem, she met at their Alma mater. "Volodya we went to the Shchukin school, only he's a year ahead of – told then "Atmosphere" Svetlana. – Of course, we were familiar with, but for all three years collaborative learning the maximum that talking to each other is "hi" and "bye". More we nothing attached at all! But in addition to the meetings in the Institute, we together starred in two pictures. And in one of them – can you imagine? even played husband and wife."

Как Светлана Ходченкова породнилась с украинской коллегой Ольгой Сумской

Svetlana Khodchenkova and Vladimir Yaglych married in 2005 homogenate Cherkasov

In fact, they liked each other, but for some reason was embarrassed to admit it. Until it is not joined friends of the future spouses. "Surround've noticed that we like each other, and started to say to me: "Khodchenkova, we understand that you two young people to prevent to be together?" He expressed about the same against me." The wedding was quiet and unassuming. Svetlana herself after the ceremony promised that next year her plan-high – expecting their first. But as time went on, the heir never appeared. Friends and acquaintances of the pair began to notice that Svetlana and Vladimir often live alone, only from time to time coming to light – just in order to stop another wave of rumors about divorce. And even when they officially ceased to be husband and wife – and that was five years of marriage, still prefer to pretend that their family is all right. Or rather, convinced the audience that only took a time-out.

The main reason for divorce was called, surprisingly, the creative relevance of Svetlana. Supposedly, a young man with acting ambitions were beaten over the edge, unable to endure the status of "husband Khodchenkova". Apparently, the truth in these statements is. "When we began to meet with her, I just graduated from College and worked at the Mayakovsky Theater. So, while all events and parties (and the Light was already a famous actress) from her Hello, and I did not seem to notice. It was unpleasant. But whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger! Over time I learned to put people in place or do not pay attention to it", – told then "Atmosphere" he Aglic.

And the buzz was that the reason for the breakup was the love triangle, saying that during the filming of the series "Love is not what it seems" Vladimir Yaglych had an affair with a partner on the filming of Anna Starshenbaum. It was said that the actress even left her husband, actor Alexei Bardukova, star of TV series "Saboteur". After a while Anna gave the press a very Frank interview in which he spoke about the relationship: "romance with Agrichem is a very bright page in my life. Passion, pain, suffering – all this I experienced with Volodya. Ten times during the year in communicating with him, wanted to commit suicide. In short, it was not even novel, but a solid action game."

However, then all the main characters of this novel refused his words.

Как Светлана Ходченкова породнилась с украинской коллегой Ольгой Сумской

Vladimir Eagles and Anna starshenbaum on shelkovoe frame from the series "Love is not what it seems"

The Birth Of Eve

For some strange reason, almost immediately after parting with Khodchenkova acting career Yaglych went up sharply. He had many prominent roles, and even Vladimir was invited to participate in the show "Ice period" – no matter how ridiculous, but in the environment of actors, singers and others like them it is considered a creative success. Because the ratings of such projects is incredibly high, and after another show, the participants become national favorites.

Agricu in addition to the fame and popularity of "Ice age" also brought a new relationship. Then literally all Newspapers and Internet portals were full of the news that brutal, but the novel with a partner on the project, figure skater Oksana domninoj. It is difficult to say whether it was a PR stunt or some kind of relationship really existed. However, after a couple of months after the end of the project Oksana returned to the Novel Kostomarov, and in April 2014, I married him.

Well Yaglych everywhere began to see with Antonina Papernaya, the daughter of Ukrainian artists Olga Sumy and Yevhen Paperny. You-the heroes of the gossip columns, though, they appeared together at parties, no interviews about their relationship were not given. One time at all it was rumored that the couple broke up. Until last summer did not know: Papernaya and Yaglych daughter, Eva. This fact they for some reason still prefer not to comment. Even in Instagram u antoniny no photos with the baby – although it would seem, for any woman, this event eclipses all others.

Как Светлана Ходченкова породнилась с украинской коллегой Ольгой Сумской

In the summer of 2017 Vladimir Yaglych and Antonina Papernaya was born gochoco:

The veil of mystery lifted mother Antonina Papernaya – actress Olga Sumska. She told that, it turns out, was there at that important period. "I met his daughter from the hospital, wanted to support her in an important moment in life. Oh, that week of continuous tears of happiness. When you take its continuation, the firstborn of your daughter in his hands – the creeps. This baby is a whole universe. Those eyes are incredible. And the smell? It's the smell of God, which smells like a baby!"

According to Olga, now Antonina helps with the baby mother-in-law, mother of Vladimir Yaglych. But she papernaya was an excellent mother: "Tonya is a very responsible – said that she babysat her younger sister, skill is." But Vladimir is constantly on set or tour. But when it happens at home, too happy to nurse the baby.

Theatrical novel

Svetlana Khodchenkova after breaking up with Agrichem pretty soon met his love. In 2011, she met with businessman George by Patriliny, and in may 2015, her lover made her an offer of marriage. Yes, how romantic! After the show with the actress he went on stage, got down on one knee and pulled out the ring.

Of course, Svetlana answered "Yes". However, while arty party was preparing for the impending wedding, the bride ran away from the altar. What happened and why at the last moment broke up this Union, neither Svetlana nor George never told. Was just saying that the future husband was too jealous, constantly monitoring the freedom-loving actress.

Как Светлана Ходченкова породнилась с украинской коллегой Ольгой Сумской

In 2015, Georgy petrishin did Khodchenkova offer right after spectulate:

After parting with George Khodchenkova was attributed to many novels. For example, after the play by Alexander Ustyugov. And with another colleague at the acting workshop – Dmitry Malashenko, who is known for the show "Big difference", – he Svetlana also played in the play "the love Story. The Comedy of errors". With the latest in microblog Khodchenkova was published as a joint picture on which both looked like a couple in love that no doubt was left: a novel.

The affair Khodchenkova do at this time was. But really with another man. Cyril Oil – in secular circles personality quite famous. He is a businessman, a doctor-orthopedist, candidate of medical Sciences, has helped many celebrities regain their health after injuries, is friends with Joseph Prigozhin, Philip Kirkorov, Katya LEL, familiar with Alla Pugacheva and Stas Mikhailov. Godmother of his son Plato (civil marriage to Catherine zhdanovoj) – singer Olga Orlova. By the way, and with the ex-fiance Svetlana Khodchenkova George by Petrishina it too familiar. At the very least, was invited to the birthday celebration Petrishina, even when he met Khodchenkova. Here's an unexpected stroke of fate.

As they say people from an environment of the actress, courted Cyril very nice. Was and flowers, and luxury gifts. Shortly after the start of the relationship the couple went on a romantic trip to Spain. At the time, incognito. I remember that fans of the actress broke the head, with whom she rests. Because her Instagram is literally full of photos, each of them shouting how happy Svetlana. Here she is in the pool, posing on a rubber ring. Here – with a glass of wine. But – with a luxurious bouquet of flowers. Everywhere one, but obviously flirts with someone who is behind the scenes. The man, it became clear after the next photo shoot when the shot hit the men's legs.

Then subscribers were bombarded Khodchenkova questions about the identity of her companion. Since the actress didn't answer your comments, of course, there were a lot of assumptions, one more interesting another. Not guessed, by the way, no one. The secret was revealed when the couple returned to Moscow, and has openly began to appear together on secular receptions. However, after a time, these appearances became less and then stopped altogether.

Как Светлана Ходченкова породнилась с украинской коллегой Ольгой Сумской

Rumor has it that Svetlana now returned to former geniculata:

To return to the past

Although its 35th anniversary Svetlana met in the status of unmarried ladies, however she is not alone. She has a new novel, but beloved is "old". It turns out that Khodchenkova was reunited with George by Patriliny, which once broke off the engagement. With him she spent winter vacation in Bali, where the rest every year. This fact involuntarily declassified one of the "Simons" – Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov. He has published in the microblog photo with New year celebrations. In the picture you can see a large noisy company, where in addition to the Andrew can be seen Yulia Baranovskaya, as well as Svetlana and George seated at the far end of the table.

She Khodchenkova information about reuniting with ex-fiancé didn't comment – after Bali, it almost immediately flew to Switzerland, where he celebrated a birthday on one of the fashionable ski resorts. But people from her environment were more sociable. "Light almost every year at this time resting on the Sunny island with friends, – told the publication StarHit friend Svetlana. – Among those who constantly accompanies it, Julia Baranovskaya, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Sabina Akhmedova. This year Khodchenkova flew with George. He is familiar with all her colleagues. Men have a great sense of humor and tact. How are they with the Light annealed at parties – it had to be seen!"

Say that the return of his ex-bride George was not immediately apparent. Before the reunification, he cared for her, as the first time. Apparently, if the couple still gets to the Registrar's office, Svetlana completely immersed in family life. At least she admitted to reporters: "I love my job, but if I had to make a break for the birth of the child, I'll do it – as any woman in my place. The family, the child comes first".



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