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"Crazy": Yarmolnik in shock from the words Malysheva

The actor hopes that she will refute the previously announced

The topic of one of the last editions of "Live healthy" was the death of a relative of Yuri Vines in an attack by stray dogs. Elena Malysheva did not stay aside and decided to comment on the situation, what was the occasion for a flurry of criticism in its address on the Internet.

Leading urged to shoot stray animals. This position caused outrage among animal welfare activists — they've posted a petition asking me to bring her to criminal responsibility, and another — with the offer to dismiss the First channel. However, Malyshev did not admit they were wrong, but on the contrary, was ashamed of animal rights activists, saying that now all have to worry about the theme of the Kemerovo tragedy.

The leading statement was commented by Leonid Yarmolnik. The actor believes her words are incredible stupidity and hopes that she just "spoke" and needs to contradict or to explain that what she had in mind. "I think she must have gone mad. We know it for many years, terribly sorry that such a prestigious and beloved TV host said such a terrible thing," citerat it


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