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Yana Poplavskaya ripped off the air because of the exploitation of children

The actress has published an angry post in social networks

On his personal page in Instagram Yana Poplavskaya in paints told about the filming of "DNA" on NTV. The hero of the broadcast was a father who refuses to recognize the 13th child, and also lives in the same house with 4 wives and 12 children. But "the family is happy and enthusiastic to find 5 wife plans to give birth to 50 children," says the actress.

Poplavskaya was indignant and behavior of the leader: "not one question" Why aren't we talking about children? You know about this situation, the guardianship and so on?' I have not received answer". Then, in the Studio there were some minor offshoots of the main character. "And the host of the program, sitting down in front of a tiny 4 year old Suzuka asks how life is for all kids with the same dad and moms, does baby, what's the name of his personal mother!!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES AND EARS!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., says Yana.

Ignored her, even when she interrupted the recording of the program and appealed to the CSM audience with a question: "How is it possible to roll up to the bestiality and who came up with the idea in mind to use tiny children in the program? How should change the mind of people, journalists, guides, to go to such things!?" The artist emphasized that to be silent about it will not.


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