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Elena Malysheva: "the People who stray dogs more people, I have nothing to say"

The presenter responded to a wave of criticism

A row over remarks Elena malyshevoy about stray dogs is gaining momentum. In the program dedicated to the death of a relative of Yuri Vines, the presenter stated that stray animals should be shot. Words Malysheva caused a wave of criticism among colleagues in show-business, and animal rights activists have even created a petition in which asked to bring her to trial and dismissed from the First channel. Silent Elena did not.

"In the story of our program we talked about 19-year-old boy who was eaten by stray dogs. And showed how to defend themselves if attacked you are. The guy left a pregnant wife. Such cases in Russia, hundreds. And thousands of those who survived, but was crippled or were mutilated, because in most cases, dogs bite in the face. And if to imagine, what it is, God forbid, your face or the face of a loved one, child, if you believe you or your mother was late evening in the Park alone with a pack of stray dogs, probably, is not so eager to sign the petition against Elena malyshevoy, which considers it possible to talk about this issue in his program", — commented on the situation Malysheva.

"And the people who stray dogs more people, I have nothing to say. Both have nothing to say to those journalists who consciously or due to the fact that it is not interested in the accuracy of the information, declare that I happen to be demanded to shoot dogs to the world Cup, and will probably come up with something else," concluded the presenter.


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