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Maxim Leonidov: "the Music and lyrics for the song "Vision" I came up with in just one hour"

History of the Heath about a man who "looked back to see if she looked"

One of the first hits solo career Maxim Leonidov was the song "Vision", more popularly known as the "Girl-seeing". He wrote it twenty years ago under the bright French sunshine.

It so happened that Maxim was invited, along with Andrey Makarevich to show "Oh, dear". The project was about travel driving a car, and it was during one of his trips and was born "the Girl-vision".

"She Socinius chance as many of the songs, recalls this historic moment Maxim Leonidov. — I came up with quite a long time this sentence: "I looked around to see if she looked back, to see if I looked". And for a long time phrase ran through my head, I didn't know what to do with it. Once we filmed a series of programs in France, on the Cote d'azur, in the town of Villefranche. I had one day off, during which I wrote it. So easy to get, and I came up with literally one hour and music, and poems, sitting on a lounge chair. And followed her back to Peter."

At that time, the musician has already divorced his first wife, actress Irina Selezneva, who was in love with a young actress, Anna Banshikova. She is a musician and dedicated his next hit. Leonidov and today does not hide it. Although Anna herself said that max was dedicated to her many songs that, in her opinion, much better. Namely, "Vision", the actress does not like and believes that she is too childish.

As it usually happens with hits "Vision" immediately suspected of plagiarism. And if the allegations of borrowing Leonidov music just shrugs it from another point does not argue against it — the line "I looked around to see" really did not come up with it. "I borrowed it from a jaunty Blues gizmos musician Popa Chubby — says Maxim. But to clarify: I only borrowed the place. And the story, the music, the mood — all that was different."

In General, the song has not gone unnoticed and has played a role in the lives of many people. Maxim himself even admitted once that it was after "Girl-vision" he had a period when he, like many, he said, is too fixated on ourselves, the artists, went with a peacock's tail. "Things have happened for which you are now ashamed, — says Maxim Leonidov. — Although I am opposed to without end themselves to blame".


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