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Vodonaeva do not agree to live in a "shack over 700 thousand"

Leading husband looking for housing in the United States

Ex-participant of TV project "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva and her husband, musician Alex Cosine, decided to rent a house in Los Angeles in July. But finding a place to stay was no easy task, and socialite turned for advice to its subscribers in Instagram.

"Zamylilsya eyes, everything was in confusion in the oblonskys, and the heart never skipped a beat never on one of the hundreds of options that we have already seen. Surely we know not all sites and applications to find housing. I hope and believe that you have passwords and turnout in California. Where to rent a nice house with a pool and a cozy interior, but not $ 700 thousand a month," writes the media personality. However, in addition to assistance, in the comments to the post you'll see a lot of criticism: some users called on the star to restrain their demands.


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