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The stars on the anniversary of Alexander Morozov

The composer, whose songs are known by all country, has collected friends and admirers in the great hall of the Kremlin concert dedicated to his seventieth birthday. reports from the scene

Before the show behind the scenes of the creative atmosphere reigned. Someone prepared, someone went out to reporters to once again congratulate the Maestro. Himself Alexander Morozov was able to appear in front of the cameras of the photographers for a few minutes, saying that a little nervous before important for a musical event.

Звезды на юбилее Александра Морозова

Marina, wife of Alexander Morozov, was a faithful helpmate of the composer. Perhaps no other event in the life of the Maestro is not without her attention and pomeshivat: Dmitry Tkachenko

"Right now, my emotions somewhat confused. It all depends on how the audience will accept the songs. Well, the main emotion will be after the concert, when we understand, turned out or not — literally on the way to the stage and shared their experiences of the birthday boy. But most importantly: we came to this concert, which was prepared for a very long time. The first concert on the day of birth was held in Saint-Petersburg — we shared exactly two weeks since. Was a lot of work, and very pleased that we were supported by Moscow. Today will feature the premiere of the song I gave the city — "dear Moscow". It will be performed by all participants of the concert".

Звезды на юбилее Александра Морозова

Mark Tishman has caused a special love of the speakers at the concert kids. Seeing behind the scenes of Mark, the children rushed to namugenyi Avramenko

In addition to the expected celebrities at the concert was attended by the representatives of a new generation of music stars. In particular, the participants of the project "the Voice." The show was opened by hieromonk Photius, who pleased the audience with a performance of the song "Gornitsa".

Звезды на юбилее Александра Морозова

No less than the spring mood pleased and Anastasia Makeeva is in the white dress in makofoto: Dmitry Tkachenko

"Long known this song from the moment when I can say, still walking under the table went. My mother sang it, and I repeated after her. Well then I was enrolled in a music school. And that upon admission of the Commission, I also sang a song. It is now in my repertoire. I always sing it for an encore on concerts," said the monk.

Звезды на юбилее Александра Морозова

"I want to like him, remarked with a smile, Mikhail Shufutinsky, commenting on his youth look. — Look around for a youth: fun, good clothes, fashionable, interesting. And also decided to afford this style"Gennady Avramenko

Singer Julia Nachalova was also a guest of the birthday boy, after all, with Maestro she knows quite a long time.

"Alexander is a composer who wrote a huge number of famous songs. And some even believe these folk songs. I have repeatedly encountered. Alexander is a very bright man, a true musician who does this for a living. And his whole life is saturated with music, creativity, and beside him is his faithful spouse — a person who strongly supports it and helps with everything: shared his ideas. It's a great happiness for a creative person, it's very important," said Julia.

Звезды на юбилее Александра Морозова

Nadezhda Babkina heartily congratulated birthday, first backstage and then onstage where they gave the audience a rousing vystupleniyami Avramenko

Do not stint on the compliments to the beloved friend and anybody. "I am familiar with Alexander Morozov the ninetieth year since I returned from America to Russia. I was lucky in my life that I touched his great work. I sang a lot of his songs. And I believe that Morozov in our music is a high phenomenon. I think that country should be proud of," said the star of the chanson.


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