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The first year of marriage with Valery Yaroshevsky has been in "hell"

The singer said the reason for her divorce from musician

The heroine of the new issue of "the Destiny of man" became a famous pop singer Valeria. In the Studio of Boris Korchevnikov she shared details of her life in marriage with her first husband, musician Leonid Yaroshevsky, who recently published a book, in which he told some of the stories from life, which featured his famous ex-wife.

According to him, it was he who persuaded Valerie to go to College, but the star has denied this information. The actress says that in any case would come to Moscow because he wanted to attend Moscow University in the history Department. "Yaroshevsky was very upsetting for my success," she said.

She also noted that they lived very modestly: their first home was a room with friends, then they removed the "spooky house" in the suburbs, where everything was "dirty and grotty", and to go to College, had to get up at five in the morning. In summary, Valeria called the first year of marriage is hell. The reason for the gap, according to Yaroshevsky, became a different man. Valeria believes otherwise: it was her unwillingness to become a "nursemaid to a grown man."


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