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Star clip Buzova live in a rooming house on the alms

The actor is ruining pristrastie to alcohol

The hero of the new release "Live" was a 38-year-old Alexei Petrenko, who starred in the video Olga Buzova on the song "We be hot" and also in the TV series "Junior", "Uni. The new Dorm" and "Special occasion."

It turned out that the man now lives in a flophouse on the outskirts of Moscow, with outcasts and drunkards, and its main income are donations. In the Studio, the actor admitted to Andrey Malakhov that has been the first year suffering from alcohol dependence and three times was coded. The reason for his current state, he sees the lack of a permanent job and support the family, because of the disastrous habit the woman kicked him out.

According to his mother, he previously worked as an economist in the housing, but because he was constantly sick, with the result that he was fired. But fellow actor, Leonid dzyunik said that the problem Petrenko that he often appeared in the Studio, being drunk.

Studio guests invited Malakhov Alexei psychological support, someone firmly believe that recover will help him in a new relationship, and someone advised to undergo rehabilitation.


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