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"Face crawling": Bozena Rynska fights the signs of aging

The journalist told about her anti-aging treatments

On the eve of a well-known blogger and writer Bozhena Rynska posted on personal page Facebook post, in which he described his history of struggle with age-related changes of the face. "The skin is perfectly aligned by photoshop, but the oval is more cunning story — it is almost impossible to pull with the help of technology" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — the journalist notes. According to Bozena, she has a tendency to age-related ptosis: "I Have a soft face, and aging, respectively. The face creeps".

Then, the celebrity has admitted that missed laser treatment starting with September three or four times. "This infrared thermal lifting, which is done in motion and the heating area respectively more," she said. Unlike Thermage, which welds protein, infrared thermal lifting — do not weld, but provides selective heating of the dermis, this causes destruction of the "old" collagen and new — cheeks tightened.

According to Rinkai, another procedure was in America award "as the best anti-aging procedure of all times and peoples": "the result from this procedure must be lighted leather. I have everywhere except my forehead, Yes, much better. From the sun the pigment went away quickly. The procedure is not very pleasant, but not terribly painful," — shared his feelings about the blogger.


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