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Yegor Konchalovsky celebrates the first anniversary of the son

Exclusive received as a gift the heir?

Director Egor Konchalovsky is known to a busy man and serious. However, the meeting with the beloved son makes it every time to melt. Why not mention such an event as the first anniversary of the boy he, of course, could not. In this family, an important event took place: the youngest child was one year old. However, a party in honor of the birthday still was not satisfied. Why Egor told

"April 2 was the first anniversary of my son Timur. But we gonna celebrate it 15th. Because, unfortunately, the birthday fell on Monday. And I want to gather all the friends to toast a lot sounded. Then the weekend is Easter. And next Sunday — times April 15," said Yegor.

However, for a future party the Director is prepared without excessive fanaticism, preserving for this reason calm. Although it is expected many guests, including, of course, cross the street. Godfather of the child — a family friend of the Director, the entrepreneur. But the godmother was the beloved daughter Masha, which, judging by the posts on Instagram, the Director doted. The christening of the boy took place last fall.

Егор Кончаловский отмечает первый юбилей сына

The christenings were held in the autumn of last года

It is also known that his first great gift the baby received. This new car seat in which the birthday boy will be happy to travel with their parents.

Егор Кончаловский отмечает первый юбилей сына

Godmother Artem was his sister Маша


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