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Yekaterina Klimova: "With each child my maternity leave getting shorter"

The actress explained why so fast went to work after the birth of the youngest daughter

Ekaterina Klimova is not only a great actress but also a mother. In 2015, she gave birth to their fourth child, daughter Bella, but after a few months returned to work. In a recent interview Klimov told why her maternity leave ended so quickly.

"Tell you a secret, even now virtually no such thing. Very few women allow themselves to be on leave to care for a child a year or two. We have strong, ambitious and don't want to lose the won positions in his career. I'm probably the most striking representative of the women who try to combine family and work, but it is not always possible. Every child is mine, as you said, maternity leave is becoming shorter," — admitted the actress.

Екатерина Климова: «С каждым ребенком мой декретный отпуск становится все короче»

Now the youngest daughter Klimova 2.5 godatta:

"I finished filming in mid-August, and my youngest daughter Bella was born on September 30. And in December I again starred in the film "I love my husband". It was hard to get away from the tiny daughters, but, unfortunately, came across an interesting scenario," explained Ekaterina Klimova.

Version of interview read in the April issue of the journal "Atmosphere".


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