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"Adrenaline junkie": female stars who loves extreme

Cameron Diaz, Olga Shelest, Nicole Kidman and other famous beauty handicap the men in the thirst for adventure

Still of the opinion that a woman should be fragile, gentle, soft. However, some girls deny it successfully, choosing a as a hobby classes, not only require physical strength and endurance, but frankly dangerous, associated with risk to life. Today the stars don't only Shine on the red carpet, but in the mountains, skydive, fall to the bottom of the sea, participate in a car race — in a word, not afraid to live life. About these adrenaline addicts — in the present investigation.

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz is considered one of the most desperate extreme. She loves masculine activities, in particular cars, which travel with great speed. A couple of times she even participated in races. Driving the actress from the age of sixteen. Her first car — a Volkswagen Camper. "I clocked it up to eighty miles per hour on the highway and just flew." In addition she is also an avid surfer. Resident of California even the steepest wave at all. Three times Diaz broke his nose with a surfboard, but even that did not force her to give up the dangerous hobby.

«Адреналиновые наркоманки»: женщины-звезды, обожающие экстрим

Cameron Diaz loves men razvlecheniye:

In their native homeland analogue Diaz is Olga Shelest. At the time, she led the program "the New athletics" — about the extreme sports and much tried, that is, on their own skin. So, taking the events in snowboarding, Olga and myself got on the Board and then famously ripped on the slopes of Elbrus. Later in her life appeared and surfing. Alas, the Rustle failed to avoid injury: she also received a Board in the face and broke his nose. The birth of daughters has not changed her lifestyle. What's more, TV presenter and attaches them to the traumatic sport. So, Muse has already five-year snowboarding, and it seems that the younger iris will suffer the same fate. "Children at this age is very easy to learn, because they only know what they are capable body, and they are much easier to understand how and what to do," — said Rustle.

«Адреналиновые наркоманки»: женщины-звезды, обожающие экстрим

Presenter not only skier...Photo:

Under the influence of her husband, Yuri Anashenkov the extremal becomes known "revizorro" Lena Flying. Now the couple prefers to spend his vacation either in the mountains, where active skier or the sea. "Ride with the waves: Costa Rica, Bali, Maldives... It does not overcome himself, and incredible Union with nature. When you stand on the Board, just thinking about nothing. They often deliver their problems, and in the ocean it's all erased," says Lena.

«Адреналиновые наркоманки»: женщины-звезды, обожающие экстрим

...But is surfingate:

But Anna Semenovich prefer to learn the water element inside. The girl dreamed of to look at the inhabitants of the seabed in person and not through the glass of the aquarium. For this she had to undergo a quite complex course, scuba diving at different depths. Now Anya has a special certificate and she can call herself a professional diver. To master the sea the girl prefers in the area of the Seychelles, the Maldives and the UAE. According to the mayor, the underwater world is fantastic, although sometimes unsafe. "Yesterday saw sharks and understand that they should not be afraid, they do not attack just people and among the people there are individuals who are much worse than the most fearsome of all animals."

Alena Sviridova also dives to sharks to escape from the bustle of the big city. "Diving often we go to Cuba. There are places where a lot of sharks that are not aggressive towards humans. You swim around and they will swarm. The reputation of these fish badly tarnished countless horror films with their participation, but in reality they are quite harmless. Dogs bite more often". However, Leonardo Di Caprio, which the shark nearly bit off the hand, could argue with that.

Australian top model, actress and mother of two adult sons, Elle MacPherson was fifty-three years. But it will give odds to many young colleagues in the modeling business. El tells about how she manages to maintain a trim figure. She loves to surf, loves to water ski. Luckily there are all conditions: your vacation the supermodel usually spends in Sydney, where her family lives. In addition, "the perfect lady" follows a strict diet, not drinking, not Smoking, and practicing yoga deals with meditation.

Better than mountains can be only mountains

Skiing is perhaps one of the most popular Hobbies of the celebrities. Then you multiple pleasures in one — and a passion for sports and beautiful nature, and physical exercise and the opportunity to spend time in pleasant company. After all, these fashionable ski resorts like Courchevel, Klosters, St Moritz and aspen, offer an interesting program of social events. In fact, some people go there not so much to demonstrate sporting achievements, how many others to see and be seen. For example, the trendsetter of style, designer Victoria Beckham appears on the track with head to toe dressed in the items of famous brands, including their own, and even ski poles have it from Chanel.

Swiss Alps previously favored and socialite Paris Hilton — she rode in the town of Gstaad. According to Paris, every year she could not wait for the moment when you finally find yourself on Board a plane flying to Europe to walk the numerous ski suits pink shades with rhinestones. Not less than winter fun, a rich heiress, attracted and events in Gstaad, sports tournaments ballooning, tennis, Polo and festivals of classical and country music.

«Адреналиновые наркоманки»: женщины-звезды, обожающие экстрим

Lada Dens broke my knee when I was skiing in Courchevelle:

But the famous violinist Vanessa Mae is very serious about his hobby. Skiing it deals with four years, and now it's her true passion along with music. The girl even was going to participate in the Olympic games in Sochi for the national team of Thailand (Vanessa has a dual citizenship). His speech she had intended to dedicate to the father Vorapong Vanakorn. He is a Thai, living in Thailand and due to climatic conditions never skied. Alas, but the first official start of violinist was brilliant, but her name made in the official database of the International ski Federation, which is also a kind of victory.

At ski resorts you can meet royalty. Swiss Klosters is a favorite place of the English Royal family. Early snow on the slopes of dust vzmetayutsya Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and now this hobby is addicted and the younger generation — Prince William and his wife Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. Klosters attracts aristocrats not only tracks, but also the opportunity to have a great time — the city is famous for its restaurants and concert hall where you can listen to classical music.

Going on a mountain track, you should adequately assess its possibilities and to be extremely careful, because it is a very traumatic sport. So, overconfidence cost the lives of British actress Natasha Richardson. The star of the films "the parent Trap" and "maid in Manhattan" received a severe injury after falling and hitting his head on the fashionable resort of Mont Tremblant in March 2009. Natasha went down on the track for newcomers, so not wearing a helmet. Even after she refused medical help, deciding that since no obvious injuries to worry about. An hour later, the actress began severe headaches, and she went into a coma. Two days later, the family decided to disable the Natasha from life support: death of the brain.

New year holidays almost cost the career of Russian singer Lada Dens. In 2002 she broke her knee when skiing in Courchevel. Lada considered myself an experienced skier, always chose the steep, dangerous slopes. And apparently, I overestimated your skills. So, on one of the descents, the star was unable to fit into a corner, the result of a bad fall, twisted leg and torn ligaments. Then followed the operation, and almost three months Lada spent in a wheelchair, and then more than a year on crutches. After that, the singer decided to abandon fashionable, but dangerous sport.

Against this background, we can say that Svetlana Khodchenkova was just lucky. For the holidays the actress went to Courchevel along with her fiance George by Patriliny. Alas, the trip was idyllic. On one of the mountain slopes Svetlana is not able to coordinate moving and almost crashed into a tree. But managed to Dodge and fell into a big snowdrift. The result: a sprain and a few bruises. Later fans were able to see a photo of it after a nasty accident. To the incident, the actress reacted with humor, jokingly commenting on the: "At this point, I was really hoping for help... And got a picture."

«Адреналиновые наркоманки»: женщины-звезды, обожающие экстрим

Angelina Jolie not only rides a motorcycle, but piloting your own smallphoto a frame from the movie "salt"

At high speeds

Although it is believed that race at high speeds — it's only the pleasure of a man, there are girls who are not averse to ride the "iron horse". For example, an avid motorcyclist Dmitry Pevtsov has infected with his passion and wife Olga Drozdov. At first she is wary of his passion, and now she sits behind the wheel of Yamaha. But observes all safety precautions. "In this respect we are family boring — Drozdov told reporters. — Not break the rules, not leachim. I sit on the bike on the back roads, where no cars in the city do not go". With the wind in Moscow I love to drive Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova and Victoria Dayneko, the latter, however, chooses at least a quick two — wheeled form of transport- the moped. But the Queen of rock-n-roll Tina Turner at the time preferred the Harleys and could give odds to avid bikers.

Angelina Jolie, who is known in Hollywood as a person of eccentric and fearless, in addition to riding a motorcycle is piloting your own plane. She became interested in aviation, performing the role of pilot in movie "sky captain". Known for his charity work, the actress explained that thus has the ability to deliver food in various locations around the world. However, perhaps there is another reason. Jolie has admitted that she likes to live on edge. "Otherwise, just bored!"

The piloting of the aircraft involved and Russian TV presenter Tatiana Arno. It all started with the TV show "the First squadron", where the stars were asked to learn to perform a "barrel" and "loop" on the Yak-52. Tatiana became a star student recruitment and even after the end of the project can not deny myself the pleasure at your leisure to sit at the controls of the aircraft.

Against this background, the passion of actress Leslie Mann look like child's play The star of the films "knocked up" and "the Forty year old virgin" is fond of riding on.... unicycle. She learned to ride backwards and jump off of curbs.

«Адреналиновые наркоманки»: женщины-звезды, обожающие экстрим

Katy Perry n ebotse, vysotyuk:

Air force

Are you afraid of heights? But Katy Perry does! Their fans she had, desperate act. In 2011 during the California Dreams concert tour, the singer jumped off the harbour bridge in Auckland, New Zealand. As told by Cathy, the first experience Bundy-jumping she really liked what she said on his page on Twitter: "My show is preceded bungee jump in New Zealand!".

Kate Bosworth, too, can be safely attributed to the category of "daredevil". She loves horse riding, surf, and when adrenaline is not enough, jumping with a parachute. The producers repeatedly warned the actress that it should be careful, but sometimes she does some crazy stuff. For example, in 2008, made the jump from a height of four and a half thousand meters, along with former boyfriend James Rousseau.

Nicole Kidman is known for its fearless nature. To risky flying in the air it turned Tom cruise. The actress loves to tickle your nerves that jumps out of a helicopter without a parachute. And then, after about a thousand meters, partner jumps throws her shoulders a backpack with a parachute.

In the homeland of avid parachutists — star of the TV series "Who's the boss" and "Matchmakers" Lyudmila Artemyev. The first jump she did a few years ago in Tula and now injects itself "parachute adrenaline" on a regular basis.

Model Alyona Subbotina, remove the station's advertising campaign for Armani and is the face of Mac cosmetics, started skydiving during the filming of the movie. Now on account of its over three hundred jumps. Alena became the first Kazakhstani and fourteenth woman in the world, having made the jump from a height 9052 meters. "I wanted to show that women can achieve success in all spheres and capable of much!"


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