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Brothers zapashnye severely ridiculed Olga Buzova

Entertainers published a provocative video on the social network

The first year Olga Buzova wins Russian television, pop scene and social networks, simultaneously participating in various projects. At its recent press conference in Moscow, she said ambitious a phrase that to this day are actively discussing the Network: "We live in the era of Olga Buzova".

Publication of Elena petrikova (@elena_petrikova)11 APR 2018 12:58 PDT

His position on this occasion decided to Express and the famous trainers of Askold and Edgard zapashnye. Entertainers together with friends took a comic short film on the subject. In the shot heard saying teledive group of friends disperses and prepares to settle scores with life.

"When all of a sudden know whose era we all live... Disclaimer: "Stunts were performed by professionals, don't try them at home! Videos made for entertainment purposes only, do not seek to offend anyone, not offend the feelings of believers, not a call to suicide, none of the people and animals were harmed," the post signed by one of the brothers in his Instagram.


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