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Maria Aronova: "I'm a Rat, and I want Nora!"

His acting and the female star of happiness found in the walls of the Theater. Vakhtangov

Maria Aronova was going to confession is not the shortest route. Adversity and misfortune did not dampen her fire of love of life and a great sense of humor. His acting and the happiness she found in the walls of the home Theater. Vakhtangov. By the way, today son, Vladislav gandrabura, already out with her one scene, and he recently became a husband and father. Now the actress gives his love still and a little granddaughter Tonechka.

1. About yourself

I'm a very open person. And this a lot of times used. However, I think it's important not to become the other — you don't have to move, obeying the circumstances.

With the advent family the world has become for me less closely. It fits a very large number of people. I think that if to guard his rear truly and fully relax only in this circle, you will fill much less of the cones.

In life I am a leader, always take responsibility and not afraid of it. I think the final point in this style of behavior I have when my son was born Vlad.

If I come into the house of the man of his affliction, he under no circumstances not be expelled and will definitely help him is the law which installed not by me and not my parents.

I think it must be a quality of character that I am wholly conservative. I'm a Rat, and is very important to me Nora. One of them is my house and my theater.

2. About love and intuition

I really like the two phrases: "to Love humanity is easier than to love a specific person" and "love is a theorem that we must prove every day."

I his temperament, desire and ability to love and now zaplesneveyut all. It seems to me that the woman so is arranged — she needs to develop such energy.

I Fish on a horoscope, and they have a very developed intuition. Besides this ability I got from my mom — she immediately saw right through a man. I believe that the first impression is the best. The basic buds and you're stuffed when I do not believe myself.

"Who does nothing does not make mistakes" is a very true phrase. Probably due to the fact that I had a error and fall into the unknown, into a deep hole, I then correctly assessed Eugene in my life.

3. About growing up

I was never a child in the traditional sense: innocence, children's games... I was born with a huge baggage of knowledge. And it is not my merit, and not just my mom, and her grandmother, my great grandmother who raised her and me to ten years.

All my complexes are out of school. I was trying to equalize the score, constantly fought, forgetting that I was still a child. Although, of course, with me it was hard: I was hot, maximalist, all the time, argued, swore, that there was not a diplomat.

The greatest misfortune in my life is losing my mom. It is impossible to comprehend and communicate in words, poems, songs. How will you show that you have ended the world?

In a global sense I haven't changed, just grown up and calmed down, no longer someone to prove something.

The older I get, the more valuable becomes a presence in your life of the person for whom you continue to remain a child. And for their teachers we will always remain children. The extraordinary happiness that my life is directed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Ivanov, my guru, the person who has the right to tell me what it sees fit. My relationship with him is a projection of my relationship with my husband.

4. On children

I saw that my son entered the Shchukin school, begins to look differently at the world differently, to talk differently to respond to any situation. And it is primarily the work of three men: his father, his teacher and rector.

A man has little to say but a lot to do. The boy is such an example may be made only by the man who brings it.

My fourteen year old daughter Seema, I think, may in the future become a terrific teacher or a psychologist. She has very good organizational skills. But first and foremost I wish she was a human world, and therefore, knew foreign languages. In my opinion, it's most important.


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