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Irina Bezrukov congratulated the day of birth

Actress barely found time to celebrate

Actress Irina Bezrukovoj recently turned 53, in which, of course, hard to believe. This day she spent not on party, and for the screening of the cartoon. The actress was bombarded with greetings colleagues and friends who also came to the cinema. Among them it was possible to notice Evelina Bledans with her son, Roman Polanski, Tatyana Tereshina, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Kuvarzina Yulia, Masha Tsigal, Vladimir Levkin with his wife and other artists.

After learning about this event in the life of a star, the organizers presented Bezrukovoj cute gifts. In the end she had a huge Teddy bear, a magnificent bouquet of roses and balloons. The second surprise was waiting for the actress already in the hall of greetings from children. This moment touched her almost to tears.

Ирину Безрукову поздравили с днем рождения

Evelina Bledans congratulated Bezrukov along with sidematerial press service

How did you learn due to the employment the doctor are unable to celebrate the feast on time, and did it late in the evening the next day. For this reason, the party was held in Moscow round-the-clock restaurant. Now the whole house of the artist is swamped with flowers, she will photograph the most persistent guests and trying to make out the gifts.

Ирину Безрукову поздравили с днем рождения

Vladimir Levkin with his wife and Documation press service

However, the time to do it a little. Now the actress a lot of work not only on their core business, but also as a professional tivocommunity what she's told in an exclusive interview. As told Irina, for five years in Provincial theatre, where the star plays, pass plays for blind people with a special comment. This idea had occurred to her in particular, and thanks to singer Diana Gurtskaya: "Diana inspired me to take this case. And I have already asked from another city to make Teplokommunenergo at the local theater. I went to Astana and Kazan with our repertory performance. And now people in different parts of Russia can enjoy performances with the aid of diplommatinidae, and Diana have already expressed a desire to go there," admitted the star.


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