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Hugh Jackman stood up for a 10-year-old victim of bullying

The girl told her story on camera

The mother of 10-year-old Cassidy Slater of Pennsylvania published on the personal page the "Facebook" movie, in which her daughter described in detail as it relates to the classmates. As it turned out, the children mock her with impunity for the past three years, but representatives of administration of educational institutions prefer to turn a blind eye.

"They come up to me at recess, hit me, pull hair, push and spit at me. Other children do not want to approach me. When I sit down at the dinner table, they get up. They threatened to kill me and say that I killed myself," admitted Cassidy. At the end of her narration she asks peers to stop bullying and encourages other people facing this problem, to publish their stories.

The post quickly went viral today, with over half a million views, and among the supporters of Slater scored and fiction blockbuster star Hugh Jackman. "I want you to know that you're loved, you're special and smart. You're strong, funny and beautiful both inside and out. Bullying is bad. Please don't stop asking for help. You'll find her where could not imagine. I'm your friend" — he wrote in his microblog.


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