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Daughter of Andrei Panin forgot the father and the Motherland

The girl changed her name and emigrated to the United States

In 2013, all shaken by news of an unexpected and implicit death of the actor Andrei Panin, a beloved body and get back. He was one of the most popular actors, his filmography includes over 80 roles. In memory of the artist the First channel has prepared a documentary film "Andrey Panin. Mysterious circumstances". Family and friends shared shocking details about the life of Andrew, and how they live without him.

Panin was married twice. The second time for his schoolgirl Natalia Rogozhina, they had two sons. But on the first marriage of the artist to that is little known. His wife was Tatyana Frantsuzova, daughter of party chief in the city of Kemerovo, where he was born Andrew. Soon Panin who adored his wife moved to Moscow. However, when it came time to be born their first child, Tatiana went to her parents in the capital of young was not of his apartment. A girl called Hope, was left to live with grandparents.

Some time ago, the Hope with Tatiana moved to the United States. The name of the father, to whom she is very similar in appearance, the girl changed to the parent — now it Frantsuzova. With the in-laws Panina: grandmother and aunt, it has nothing to do supports.


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