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The young father, Emmanuel Vitorgan cries over daughter

The artist first showed the face of Ethel

Emmanuel Vitorgan Irina Mlodik became heroes of the program "Hello Andrew!". The couple recently became parents. And, of course, all the talk during the broadcast returned to a new member of the family. Parents admitted that now their whole life revolves around the child.

Молодой отец Эммануил Виторган плачет над дочкой

Emmanuel Vitorgan loves docket from the program "Hello, Andrew!"

"Of course, I understand all of that when my daughter starts school, I will already be 80, and when he wants to marry me will be more than a hundred years. But does it matter?", shared Vitorgan. — "I have a lot of years were not so happy. It is an incredible experience, and the age of the parents in this case is not important."

Молодой отец Эммануил Виторган плачет над дочкой

Ethel strong was born malaschonok from the program "Hello, Andrew!"

According to him, the new daughter is the best incentive to take care of their health. Talking about the baby, Emmanuel gedeonovich could not hold back happy tears. The audience was delighted from the frames with Ethel, they agree that the girl is like her father. Vitorgan admitted he was ready to become a father again. He sees the main sense of life in children.


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