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Masha Rasputina can't forgive the ex-spouse, even after his death

"How meanly he lived, so he died", — said the singer

Masha Rasputina became the guest of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva "the Secret to a million." The singer was very honest in his confessions and did not constrain emotions. She still can not forgive her former husband, producer Vladimir Ermakov, who died in October last year. Their marriage is a series of scandals and disputes.

"He died in the broadcast of a program. As the dog died," commented the singer. — "It was not paid some money, about a hundred dollars, and he began to make trouble, and died foaming at the mouth. How meanly he lived, so he died".

According to her, Ermakov ruined the lives of not only her, but also the total daughter Lida. He set up the child against the mother. Mary admitted that she suffers from a mental disease that was passed on her father's side. Now Lida is constantly being treated in a special boarding house.

After the death of Vladimir Ermakov left the apartment, claimed his son from his first marriage and Lida. Rasputin said that he would fight for inheritance, since the treatment of their daughter, leaving a lot of money.


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