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Lyubov Tolkalina sexy told about Lenin

The actress nearly lost a dress on a yacht

Lyubov Tolkalina is resting with his daughter in Italy. They don't sit still, and constantly travel the country, see the sights. The traveler has already visited Naples, Salerno, and looked at the Temple of Poseidon at Paestum, and the famous volcano Vesuvius, I tried the most delicious pizza in Italy and appreciated, how to make mozzarella on a Buffalo farm. About all that the actress told in his microblog.

Любовь Толкалина эротично рассказала про Ленина

The actress was the guest of Горького

The next place to visit was Capri, where he lived Gorky and Lenin. While they were sailing to the island, managed to record a short video that struck her courage fans Tolkalina. The actress stands on the deck of a yacht, the wind playing with her hair and dress, raising the hem up nowhere. "Are there any on any underwear?", — ask the Network users. However, the artist in the caption to the video talks about the leaders of the revolution.

"Among a dozen passengers who were on April 23, 1908 aboard a small ship Principessa Mafalda, sailed from Naples to Capri, special elegance differed between the two countries. One of them was went in search of poetic inspiration Rainer Maria Rilke, and the second, the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin," conducted a historical review Tolkalina. — "If Lenin went to Capri, XX century history could have gone very differently. At the small port of the guest waited, Maxim Gorky, with his second wife — with the beautiful actress Maria Andreeva (I once offered to play it)... And I'm on Capri yet so wanted to get".

Publication of Tolkalinaliuba (@tolkalinaliuba)13 APR 2018 2:49 PDT


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