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Keti Topuria and Guf: a novel or a publicity stunt

The rapper has behaved very not friendly

Katie Topuria and Gufw for more than a year attributed to a close relationship, although the artists themselves strongly deny your novel. Like, just friends by chance there rested. This time they are once again forced to talk about himself. In Instagram Gufa appeared in the controversial photo in which he embraces the girl below the waist.

Кети Топурия и Гуф: роман или рекламный ход

Strange дружба

Among the admirers of young men sparked heated debate. Someone thinks that this is just a PR move to stir interest in his work. Others congratulated the couple with the fact that they look great together. Others are happy for Gufa, hoping that a new relationship will help him to start a good life. But fans of Katie trying to persuade her not to mess with the "bad boy", and to return to her husband businessman Lev Gahman. They refer to the fact that Katie, raising a two year-old daughter Olivia needs a careful approach to the selection of the men in their lives.


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