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She looked down on Pavel Derevyanko

And Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva did not answer journalists ' questions

There could be pictures of Alla Pugacheva. The diva was waiting for, but she never arrived, although it was stated in the guest list. But this evening shortage of outstanding personalities were not. As, however, smiles and jokes. "That you do not accidentally Valery Syutkin dressed"? — journalists asked Andrei Smolyakov, who came to the premiere in yellow boots. But standing next to Director Nikolai Lebedev stopped fashion, the Tribunal, noticing that Smolyakova problems with selection image not because his wife is a professional costume designer.

She one of those girls who can look at men down in the literal sense. It is possible that some male colleagues because of this property of Irene were photographed together with the actress with caution. But Pavel Derevyanko, the difference in height does not bother.

Ирина Горбачева посмотрела свысока на Павла Деревянко

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andrewacarnegie Avramenko

The appearance at various events by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva pass on the same scenario. Pair appears, patiently posing for photographers and is sent, without a word, to loud cries of "When's the wedding?" So it was this time. Friendly faces, good clothes and no comment on some interesting topic.

Ирина Горбачева посмотрела свысока на Павла Деревянко

Nikolay Avramenko Lebedinyi

Nikolai Lebedev in the evening more resembled a rock star than a Director of a perfectionist. The mood of Nicholas was great. It can be assumed that through the dark glasses the world looks better than in their natural form.

Ирина Горбачева посмотрела свысока на Павла Деревянко

Alyona Doletskaya, Anna Belmacina and Alexander Avramenko Articlename

As you know, for the filming of the movie "I lose weight" Alexandra Bortech gained twenty pounds. And now these same pounds had disappeared. If Alyona Doletskaya and Anna Belmacina made a compliment to Sasha, the actress deserved it.

Ирина Горбачева посмотрела свысока на Павла Деревянко

Alexander Petrov and Dmitry Avramenko Chebotarevskaya

It has long been observed that the smile Alexander Petrov acts like a virus. And many of the guests of the premiere, including actor Dmitry Chebotarev was beside Alexander, felt.


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