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Nonna Grishaeva pricked Mary Aronova age

Friend is in debt does not remain, remembering untidiness and greed classmate

The scandal almost ended the regular show "Hello Andrew!". The main character of the issue was Maria Aronova, recently married to Eugene Fomin. To support the Studio it came friends, among whom were Nonna Grishaeva. From the doorway she announced that the older classmate for a year, she immediately took offense.

"But why emphasize that I am worse than you look now the whole country? What is it?!" — responded Aronova.

In response, she remembered her roommate in the dormitory of the Shchukin theatre school all of her blunders. Maria spoke about the impropriety Nonna: "I opened the door and shouted: "Grishaeva, go, take your crumbs, a mouse!" She still eats bread, and I have a pathological urge to clean!". Its about greed: Grishaeva from the house sent the products, but she never shared them with starving fellow students. The atmosphere in the Studio was tense. The facilitator was able to translate everything into a joke.


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