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Lyubov Uspenskaya told about God's punishment

Queen of chanson all my life paying for the sins of his youth

Lyubov Uspenskaya came to visit Lera Kudryavtseva in the program "million dollar Secret" on NTV. Leading read out the main question: unidentified argued that the underage singer has deprived of human life. The programís was shocked that someone knows her secret, which she kept in tainee more than 40 years, but answered honestly. Star chanson told about his first love at the age of 16 to 30-year-old musician.

"I then realized that I want to be with him," recalled assumption, but her beloved was not enough to "just meet" her. "He wanted to sleep with me. And I realized that if you don't agree, you'll never see him again".

Love then thought about the fact that her partner is breaking the law. In the end, the young girl became pregnant the first time. The man didn't want kids, parents she was afraid to admit — then the manners were harsh. According to her, she had a choice between suicide and abortion, which was made in secret, at home and without anesthesia. The doctor then said that the assumption had twins.

Subsequently, when the singer was pregnant with twins at first marriage, children were born prematurely and died. The assumption says about it: "God is punishing me for the abortion." Only in the fourth marriage she had a child.

The singer became the first participant of the program, which dared to reveal "the Secret to a million."


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