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Anna Sedokova fears is losing the youngest daughter

The father gives Monica to chat with the mother

In the difficult situation of Anna Sedokova. Her ex-husband, the father of the younger daughter Monica Maxim Chernyavsky took the girl and is now trying to deprive her of parental rights. The businessman has hired expensive lawyers, who have already achieved a lot.

"The main witness against me was made by his grandmother, with whom he now lives, a daughter. Said I dangerous for the baby, unable to take her to Russia, and as between our country and America has not signed the Pact to the Hague Convention, there is a risk for Monica, as for the citizen of America, I will not give it", — quotes Sedokova W' — "I struck the system, the most expensive lawyers. Now I can meet with the child, go to the movies with her exclusively in the presence of the warden must speak to my daughter exclusively in English, and Monica knows it is bad, doesn't understand why mom is acting like this, why aren't we together, and I don't want her to explain!"

Now all work Sedokova spent on the solution of this problem, but so far the situation is not in her favor.


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