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Anastasia Stotskaya opened the show by Igor Gulyaev

On the podium were also seen a young mother Elena Zakharova, and in the audience — Tatiana and Nikita Mikhalkov

Designer Igor Gulyaev has chosen for his new collection the style of Hollywood 30 years. In a bright fashion show were not only models, but also Actresses who are not indifferent to the luxurious retro. reports from the scene.

Redhead babe Anastasia Stotskaya effectively emerged from the phone booth, which was rolled out to the runway. The singer in the image retrodiva performed the song "Wind of change" from the movie "Mary Poppins". In fact, his appearance Anastasia opened the show by Igor Gulyaev. As admitted by the artist, for a long time she wanted not only to be here as a guest, but also to participate as a model. As you know, dreams come true.

Анастасия Стоцкая открыла показ Игоря Гуляева

Ivan Avramenko Stevenage

Actor Ivan Stebunov, although not walked the catwalk at the fashion show, he looked like a real model: the stylish vest in the cage looked very important, but at the same time supported retractility show.

Анастасия Стоцкая открыла показ Игоря Гуляева

Dmitry Ulyanov and his wife Legendary Avramenko

Actor Dmitry Ulyanov and his wife, Julia, too, were among connoisseurs of Russian fashion. And became one of the most punctual: they came before roll out the red carpet.

Анастасия Стоцкая открыла показ Игоря Гуляева

Nikita and Tatyana Avramenko Mihalkovskaya

Wife Nikita and Tatyana Mikhalkov very lively discussed the fashion show. Supervisory and journalists discussed the fact that Nikita in technical terms is not up with the times. He was probably the only person at the party, in whose hands instead of a modern smartphone was push-button telephone.

Анастасия Стоцкая открыла показ Игоря Гуляева

Elena Avramenko Zacharovannaya

Elena Zakharova took to the runway in a dress with leopard print and green boa. Many, of course, was interested in how the actress managed for many years to stay slim and almost instantly to get in shape after the birth of a daughter in December of last year. As found, slim figure — the merit of the daughter of the artist. As Zakharova breastfeeding, spends a lot of time with the child, walks with it, the kilos melt away. And diet Helen even sat once in a lifetime, when she was only 12 years old. Just for the summers spent with my grandmother, she got better, that's why I had to lose weight as Elena danced in the ensemble. Now Elena tries not to eat after six, and something especially delicious to try in the first half of the day. The actress tucks into fish and seafood.

Анастасия Стоцкая открыла показ Игоря Гуляева

Ksenia Avramenko Gatewayname

Rising star — model Ksenia Guseva — is not the first year takes part in shows organized by Tatiana Mikhalkova. As told by the youngest participant, she was worried before the show but because of the lovely atmosphere that prevailed behind the scenes, and friendliness emanating from the actress, everything went fine. And Ksenia tore applause.


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