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Alexey Chumakov: "one must get Married for love"

The artist visited the wedding of his best friend, artist and sound producer Nikolay Demidov, with the singer Eva Bristol

In one of capital registry offices took place the wedding of singer, actress, participating in the musicals eve Bristol and the performer, sound-producer of Nikolay Demidov. On painting was attended by relatives and close friends of the newlyweds, among which were seen and the best friend of the groom Alexey Chumakov. Singer believes that "one must get married for love." And love, according to Chumakov, is challenged when the couple cope with life's difficulties, find compromises, to overcome crises. So, Alex and his fiancee Yulia Kovalchuk got married after several years together. With Chumakov and agree to the bride: "Marriage is not a stamp in the passport, but a state of mind, a stamp in the passport changes nothing," said Eva Bristol.

Алексей Чумаков: «Жениться надо по любви»

Before the wedding, the couple spent five years, westiepoo: materials of press-services

By the way, Eva and Nicholas also began to live actual married life a lot sooner than signed. Before you have that relationship, they dated for over six years, five of which spent under the same roof. And for a wedding the lovers are "ripe" when they realized that between them a deep and abiding relationship, not a fleeting romance, even if it's full of passion.

Алексей Чумаков: «Жениться надо по любви»

New husband recognizes that it is not immediately decided to marry, but "capitulated under the onslaught of female affection and love"Photo: materials of press-services

Like most men, Nicholas did not immediately come to thoughts about marriage. "My bachelor ship has long resisted, but capitulated under the onslaught of female affection and love!" — confessed the newly-made husband.


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