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Olga Kabo brought out young son

The actress walked for the birthday party of a colleague and friend Alice Presniakovas

Two longtime girlfriend, Olga Kabo and Alisa Priznyakova recently found the reason for the meeting in the narrow family circle. It was the anniversary of the son of Alice Presniakovas ("Odyssey detective Gurov", "take me Back", etc.). Daniel turned ten years old. On this occasion actress along with their children and friends of the birthday boy went to the water Park, where kids participate in exciting sporting quests, and the guest of honor even got a medal. Animators also showed the children an interesting chemical experiments, which delighted the whole company. Well, then the guests, among whom were relatives Presniakovas moved to the restaurant where the festivities continued.

Ольга Кабо вывела в свет маленького сына

The company had a great time at the water Park. In the picture Alisa Priznyakova son-meningocele Ivanov

Olga Kabo and Alisa Priznyakova had fun, remembered years starting a career and discussing the latest news — especially since quite a long time. But in the midst of a birthday on the table was a huge birthday cake. In the end, to help the birthday boy in question is blowing out the candles came a little son of Olga Kabo, Victor. Although the boy is only six years old, he with his task well. And of course, celebrity guests of the restaurant has tried a piece, regardless of any diet. As admitted in secret actress the cake was low calorie, but very tasty.

Ольга Кабо вывела в свет маленького сына

Alisa Priznyakova with the son of Danielmorgan Ivanov

As for the birthday boy, he was giddy not only from all that is happening, but from the gifts. Traditionally, the guests gave a lot of toys and books that the boy likes to read. It is known that Presniakovas son is studying in an elite mathematical school, where he produced future leading mathematicians of the country. He also plays the piano. Says the star's mom, playing a musical instrument helps to develop both hemispheres of the brain but also for maintaining math skills.


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