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Yulia Peresild: Muse for the Director

What is the secret of this demand Actresses?

This spring for actress Yulia Peresild truly fruitful. On a TV series follow one after another with her, at a film festival Julia received the prize for the main female role in the movie "Cool tango", a theater actress goes on tour in the legendary St. Petersburg BDT. tried to understand how she manages to get everywhere.

What is the secret of this demand Yulia Peresild? Partners on the shop floor in one voice say that the actress goes all out, working on the role and live in your character. Yulia believes that it is — a simple farmer, that never was the best. The actress believes that her profession is not competitive. It is only of self — discovery. That's just the wisdom she had to go for years.

The daughter of a kindergarten teacher and iconographer of the Pskov-known Julia from early childhood dreamed of performing on the big stage. And walked purposefully to his goal: in the school years, she participated in KVN, matinees for children houses and concert programs in military units. And in eleven years she even participated in the show "Morning star".

However, the first experience of admission to Metropolitan learning was unsuccessful. The entrance exam for the School-Studio of MKHAT her talent could not see. Had to return to his native Pskov and act in pedagogical Institute. So after a couple of months to realize that this place is clearly not for her. So for next year Peresild again takes a ticket to Moscow and this time submits a statement in all capital theater companies. Somewhere it must! So she became a student of RATI-GITIS, which considers a great success in my life.

Юлия Пересильд: муза для режиссера

The role of a sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko in the movie "Battle for Sevastopol" actress calls one of the most important in her careercat from the movie "Battle for Sevastopol"

To be in a movie Peresild became, while still a student. But today it is considered that the full talent of the actress revealed Director Alexey Uchitel, who directed her in his film 2008 "the Prisoner". After this role she receives another "teacher" in the picture "the Edge". Having been in that land, nominated actress from "the Golden eagle" and "White elephant". After this role Directors Julia flood proposals.

The actress has repeatedly stressed that one of its main roles she considers Lyudmila Pavlichenko of the large-scale military kinodramy "Battle for Sevastopol". Here Peresild embodies on screen, a girl-sniper, hero of the Second world war.

By the way, in the same 2015, the screens out the series "Lyudmila Gurchenko", where Julia opened a completely new side. "We were looking for a lead actress — later recalled, the film Director Sergei Aldonin. — For some reason all tried to do a parody of Jack, to repeat her style and plastic. But when I saw the photo Peresild, I realized: here it is, Lucy!"

Julia also worked on the same movement and facial expressions. But it clearly wasn't a desire to make the external resemblance: she though accustomed to the image of the great actress. And still repeats that he does not believe that his party is a role. "For me, Lyudmila Markovna — too a live person who was there for a long time, although we were not familiar with".

Юлия Пересильд: муза для режиссера

Yulia Peresild in the role of Lyudmila Gurchenko in the series, about the life of legendary aktrisoj from the TV series "Lyudmila Gurchenko"

For many years the personal life of Yulia Peresild was a mystery. Any reference to any details in the press carefully suppressed her own and the agent. Although, of course, in the cine circles have long whispered about the affair of the actress with Alexei Uchitel. The Director even after working on the film "the Prisoner" said that Julia was his Muse. So when a year later after the premiere, the actress had a daughter Anna, a said father is a Teacher.

But neither he nor Peresild has not confirmed this information. Three years later the second daughter was born — Mary. And the fact that her husband Yulia Peresild never was, only contributed to the speculation and rumors.

And only recently the veil of secrecy, it seems, slept. First to dot the "i" Julia herself. In an interview the actress gave in the end of last year, she honestly admitted that the father of her children is Alexey Uchitel. Not so long ago, and the Director himself in an interview with "Vibe" confirmed this fact. "My two daughters also creative girls. The eldest, Anna, an eight and a half younger, Mache, four and a half. Anya just two months of dancing, but it is incredibly plastic, — without hiding pride, and told the Teacher. — With the girls earlier about serious things to say. Try to go with them to the cinema or the theatre, but it happens infrequently. To sit together at the table — a rare stroke of luck. Usually in the morning or not (I in trips), or have a second time the moment when they are sent to school and kindergarten, and in the evening when they come back, they're already asleep. But we try together to celebrate the holidays, to go somewhere for New year's or summer vacation — on vacation".


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