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Philip talks about the success of Olga Buzova

The king of the scene took the young singer under his wing

Recently, the name of Philip Kirkorov increasingly sounds next to the name of Olga Buzova. He turns her on its mighty shoulder, then they hug, eat together. How suddenly came such friendship? Critics believe that the artist decided to hypnoti a little bit of fame from the scandalous star. Supposedly, you see, and a large army of young fans singing the presenter will move into the camp of the artist.

In one interview, the man explained his motives. The artist says he is interested in starting with a colleague. And that's why he actively communicates with her.

"I started to like this girl when she still wasn't millions of subscribers, nor a lot of money. Yes, now she had all the work", — said the artist edition of "Interlocutor". "But how much it hold! Early in my career I, like her, everyone hated".

Philip believes that artists hate because of envy. He admires the hard work Buzova, which operates 24 hours a day, not sparing himself. According to him, they are comfortable together.

"She's smart, she has something to talk about. You know frostbitten representatives of today's generation?! With them sometimes do not even know what to talk", — asserts the opinion Kirkorov. — "And Buzova will always be topics. I supported her and will continue to do so".


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