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The country star gave a concert in honor of Victory Day

Lev Leshchenko, Alexander Buinov, Vladimir Vinokur, Yulia Nachalova and other artists performed in suburban Krekshino

Residents of suburban Krekshino already accustomed to the annual music festival in honor of Victory Day. The mastermind behind the event is local resident Lev Leshchenko, and on stage, among other artists come and those stars who, like Lev Valerjanovich, live nearby.

Звезды устроили дачный концерт в честь Дня Победы

The singer and cyclist Alexander Buinov with homemade pet Martellojay Avramenko

Vacationers and permanent residents Krekshino literally bathed in applause Lev Leshchenko, Alexander Bujnov, Vladimir Vinokur and Alexei Goman, Yulia Nachalova, the barbarian, the group "Arrows" and others. The celebration began with the fact that the people Krekshino and nearby settlements gathered at the monument to Soviet soldiers. They honored the memory of victims minute of silence and laid flowers at it.

Звезды устроили дачный концерт в честь Дня Победы

Vocal group "Five" pleased others songs and capillarity Avramenko

After the official part began a concert of pop stars. It should be noted that some of the participants to get was much easier and faster than their colleagues. So, a local resident Alexander Buinov came on the bike, and the company he was made the favorite dog Marcello. This pet appeared in the family Buynevich three years ago. The choice was easy. It so happened that Alexander and his wife Alena sympathize with dogs of different breeds, so the discussion began. All of this could be delayed for years if the spouses do not accidentally stumbled upon an image of puppies Bernese mountain dog. It was then that they realized that they found a dog that really like them both. However, I bought a pet artist himself — he made a gift to friends who were also aware of the desires Bujnov.

Звезды устроили дачный концерт в честь Дня Победы

Alexey Goman can find a common language with musicians of all ages and of different arrowheads Avramenko

Another local resident, Lev Leshchenko, was, as always, is smiling, smart and flawless on stage. By the way, in addition to touring and charity work Leshchenko, as it turned out, leads an active life in social networks and even some time ago started his Instagram.

Звезды устроили дачный концерт в честь Дня Победы

The leading musical shows have become legendary child star Anna Shatilova and Evgeny Avramenko Cocarcinogenicity

Interestingly, according to rumors, a famous singer signed on Instagram Olga Buzova and watching her work. According to rumors, the page Lev Leschenko has started with the filing of the friend — Vladimir Vinokur, who has long been an avid user of social networking.


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