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"I wonder what they have in there": Sadalsky in shock from the fullness of the Americans

The actor shared the secret of harmony

Recently, the star blogger Stanislav Sadalsky went on tour in the USA in the company of best friend and colleague Tatyana Vasilyeva. In his Instagram almost daily be photos and short notes about this journey.

Publication of Stanislav Sadalsky (@stassadal)May 6, 2018 8:15 PDT

"If you want to look slim, stay close to thick. This recipe works well in America. I'm just the Apollo Belvedere! I know that Apollo, but here once more and Tatyana just a walking sample of anorexia", — he signed a series of images of local residents.

"And, most importantly, completeness of the Americans special, our any obesity silhouette is still visible, and those like bustles at the center. I wonder what they have in there, the popcorn? By the way, in America, according to experts, 80% of food contains GMO!", — noted artist. Some users appreciated its humor, and some even compared with the late Mikhail Zadornov.


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