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Mikhail Zadornov puzzled loved the two wills

And lawyers require from the "young Muse" satirist not to publish his private photos

Popular comedian Mikhail Zadornov died last year. Recently, reporters learned that the artist has left two wills, one in Latvia and the second in Russia. "The nuances of these documents he was not privy to. What's in them — question. I think there will be surprises", — quotes "MK" a source close to the family of the satirist. According to him, the daughter of Mikhail left the apartment in Jurmala, and two houses in Latvia is shared between his first wife Velta and sister Lyudmila. All real estate in Moscow is now listed for second wife Elena.

It is also known that in the last years of his life Zadornov made a film on his own script titled "One day in America, or Purely Russian tale." The picture was taken by 31-year-old Marina Orlova, which is called the Muse of the artist. The lawyer of the family of the satirist was trying to contact her to ask you to put your pictures with Mikhail, as his relatives believe that it could trigger unpleasant gossip, reports "Komsomolskaya Pravda".


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