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Eva Polna: "We wanted to prove that Russian dance music can be fashionable"

The history of the hit "Run to me" of the band "Guests from the future"

"Guests from the future" as a Duo consisting of Eva Polna and Yuri Usachev, appeared more than twenty years ago. At first, their music seemed to be too difficult, but after the release of the song "Run to me" team began to rapidly gain popularity. together with Eva Polna recalls came to light, the composition and where he starred in the provocative video for her.

Eva Polna is often said that they did stage a new era, that's probably why the group liked, both young and older generation. "We have already released a jungle album "the sand" and ambient album "the Stars look down," recalls Eva. — Were widely known in narrow circles. But national fame in the window to us and didn't knock. Then we talk, sports mad and decided to start making dance music, but on a different level than what flourished in the domestic pop scene. We wanted to prove that Russian-speaking dance music can be fashionable, beautiful and with meaning. What, indeed, we did, writing in the summer of 1998 in the same breath the song "Run to me". In the fall she had heard from all irons and refrigerators in the country. And in the winter of '99 began to break the dance floors of clubs and stadiums".

Ева Польна: «Мы хотели доказать, что и русскоязычный дэнс-мьюзик может быть модным»

In the new Millennium Eva Polna is not only the author and singer, but also a mother of two girls — Evelyn and Amaliapoli:

One day, standing at the traffic lights, the guys heard their song "Run to me" from the window of a passing vehicle. Then they, even not having your own car, realized that the time is not far off — the band became really popular.

"Seeing the incredible triumph of a song, our producers decided to "capitalise" in the clip, says Eva. — We filmed him for two days. Scene mysterious and alluring relationship the two girls were held in the interior of the toilet a trendy at that time the St. Petersburg nightclub. And then, as I sing in the beautiful dress, and Yura plays modnica furry coat — in Moscow in the cinema hall. It was our first real video. We blissed out".

But as it usually happens with fashionable ensembles at the peak of popularity, the group disbanded. Today Eva and Yuri continue to do what you love — music. But each their own. "I still write songs, — the singer admits. — I must say, from year to year — better, more beautiful and more fashionable. At the end of last year I released my second solo album with the symbolic name 'the Phoenix". I'm happy that my music continues to find a warm response in the hearts of my fans and just lovers of good music. Hurrah!"

In parallel, Eva writes poems, paintings, two daughters and no regrets about the days gone by. 'The best time is here and now," she said. So the words of the song "Run to me" — "we the fallen leaves" — in no way today can not be attributed to its authors-performers.


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