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Vladislav Demin struggling with the difficulties of country life

Star of "the Cossacks" and "Teli and Toli" learns the tricks of the country from scratch

Vladislav Demin faced with the problem of obustraivaet own infield. The actor lives in a big house on Ilyinskoye highway, near Ruble. So for him, the house is essentially still a cottage. And, of course, he, along with his wife Angela and six-year-old daughter has decided to improve the territory. However, all was not so simple.

"We are, in fact, recently drove to the house. This is only the first season, we even the grass was not sown. Fall I bought a black earth, brought the grass, saying that will rise well. I don't know. The grass, incidentally, is unusual — it is rare. It is sprayed, it forms a layer. Grass is such a substance that it does not allow the birds to peck out her, and beetles to eat. I had the option to buy the rolls, but it's too expensive and too easy. And the meaning: bed — and once the football field? No," — said the actor.

However, only one grass the difficulties in the country the question the artist is not over. Now, he finds information about juniper landing, which Vladislav also decided to decorate the site.

Владислав Демин борется с трудностями загородной жизни

Little daughter of the artist helps him to cope with the country трудностями

"I planted the juniper, but of the 15 bushes survived only seven. I was planning to cut down those that did not survive to leave more moisture the rest. However, recently my one friend told that you can just shed good junipers. To buy a hose, puncture holes in it, lay along the bushes and shed a day, five hours, and then pobryzgat special means, including yellowing. Say now must begin to do so all summer. I hope you will be able to save something," shared country and the intricacies of the actor.

By the way, in the house of the artist still lives and the cat and the baby helps sometimes to educate the mother of a spouse who comes from another city. "I am a happy man in the female realm," — says Demin.


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