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As the stars rested during the may holidays

Exclusive actress Anna Peskova otmolit sins and Anastasia Tregubova spent the night at the train station in Florence

Not sit on place during the may holidays some actors and TV presenters. Their vpechatleniami from trips they've shared with

Star of "Family values" and "Five minutes of silence" Anna Peskova spent time in Abkhazia and Sochi.

"Quite unexpectedly, at the invitation of friends, we a few days went to Sochi to visit with them, to bask in Sochi warm spring sun, a little rest after the winter and hard working everyday!

This time with the weather we have been incredibly lucky, and, in addition to beautiful walks through Sochi, we went to nearby Abkhazia, where until that moment I was not. Visited the ancient city of New Athos, where he rose to its main sight — the new Athos monastery, which is located at the foot of mount Athos. According to legend, if you walk all the way to the monastery on his knees, the man will be absolved of all his sins. Now this belief has changed, and simply to walk. And who overcome the hard way, can be reached by car.

Как звезды отдохнули во время майских праздников

Anna Peskova lake Ecomaterial press service

The nature in Abkhazia incredible beauty: bright colors, wild blossom, aromas of flowers and fresh sea air. All this gave us an unprecedented emotion. Mountain river Bzyb is striking in its beauty. Powerful, loud, strong. And when we walked on it across a rickety wooden bridge, was breathtaking! More recently, I think I would not have dared to tread on such a shaky structure, but after starring in the TV series "Five minutes of silence" about the life of a search and rescue team of EMERCOM, where my character rose to the top of the tree and down the cliff, nothing can hurt me.

Probably the strongest impression on me was made by mountain lake Ritsa, which is located almost a kilometer above sea level and the road goes through the mountain serpentine. It is better to go with local drivers, they know all the dangerous areas, after all, have been there many times. Riza, the heart of Abkhazia, surrounded by trees and snow-capped mountains, made a lasting impression. Reminded of a lake in Italy and Slovenia, but with its own flavor."

The actress of the film "Between the notes, Or tantric Symphony" Yanina Melekhov studied the beauty of the suburbs

"We spent the holidays in a country club and I was so amazed: finally, we have learned how to organize festive activities for tourists. And all of this close to home, in the Sergiev Posad district. Terrific food, ranging from kebabs and ending with dietary meals — on system "all inclusive". And I'm for a new project of the village on a diet, and for me, such a variety and delicious dishes was torture: meat, fish, and desserts. And all this around the clock! I confess that a couple of times fell, although he tried to behave in hands!“ — shared the actress experiences. Also in the boarding house family actress did not remain idle.

Как звезды отдохнули во время майских праздников

Yanina Melekhov sunbathed in the suburbs

"There was an incredible animation, almost hour program for adults and for children. A lot of contests and everyone is very unobtrusive: sporting, intellectual, and even quests for territory. And for the three of us — my husband and daughter did the quest with theatre actors. For winning the contests you are given "local money" that can be exchanged for any simple gift, and a voucher to go again come to rest. And my daughter Anna Maria this year learned to ride a two-wheeled bike.

Как звезды отдохнули во время майских праздников

Yanina Melekhov had a great time with my husband and accountabili press service

In addition, we went to Sergiev Posad himself, visited the monastery. But personally, I was limited only to this trip. I really needed to relax from business and bustle, and I watched from the sidelines as all the others. Forces were not even fun: to produce theatre season six Premier is a serious burden, both physical and psychological."

Presenter, "Good morning," Anastasia Tregubova did not miss the opportunity to fly to Italy.

Как звезды отдохнули во время майских праздников

TV presenter Anastasia Trigonometrically press service

"Florence is our favorite husband and place. That's where we went on our first trip when we first met, so Florence came to us as a meaningful place. This year we decided to refresh your memory of the emotions, going to Italy at the same time, that was then. Went to the same restaurants on the same streets, indulged in pleasant memories. Walked, enjoyed the ride and the company of each other," said the media personality.

Как звезды отдохнули во время майских праздников

Anastasia studied local attractions

However, a long walk was not without adventure.

"One evening we walked around Piazza Duomo, along the river and did not notice how time flew. We came to the hotel about midnight very hungry and was surprised that the service is not running. And the question is, where to eat, we were told that at this time of day the restaurant is only open at the station. So we went to the train station, where — surprise! — tried the most delicious in our lives pasta! And when he went away from Florence, then again went to the cafe and ordered as much as two servings of spaghetti. In principle, this trip for some reason we always ate pasta and meat, but I didn't bring home a single kg. No wonder they say that Italian pasta you like to sit on a diet: delicious, and zero extra pounds".

Singer Anna Buturlin explored Spain

Jazz singer Anna Buturlin for may went to Spain with the whole family. The travelers stopped near the cities of Salou, Cambrils and La Pineda, in the suburbs of Barcelona. This is a standard tourist seaside town with beautiful promenades and numerous attractions. "We visited the amusement Park Port Aventura, which are the highest and longest roller coaster, and the day did not have time to explore all of it. So if you get there and go, at least for two days. Also went to "Park Itself" historical and architectural and natural complex with man-made gardens, which was established in the late 19th century. He made a very strong impression: deer, peacocks, parrots, pheasants — many of the animals that live there, listed in the red book," — says the artist.

Как звезды отдохнули во время майских праздников

Anna Buturlin daughter

"We also found a rocky promontory, covered with pines, just wondering where to walk: it is located above the sea, and there opens a very beautiful view. And next to us there was a lighthouse, and every night we watched as he shines'.


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