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Polina Gagarina can not step on the foot

The singer was injured in the Maldives

Polina Gagarina loves the Maldives, it is not the first time here rests my husband-photographer Dmitry Isakov. At this time, the family even decided to take a little girl. Poly mother accompanies them on the trip. However, the trip was marred by the injury that was received by the artist.

"So the rest this time. Stepped on a coral, heel, backing away, and was Miusa, which joyfully waved hands... we went for a second under water, mom picked up, Thank God!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — complained Gagarin subscribers. — "Cut deep enough, but I was not discouraged! Loaded foot on Myosin round, bathing is not to water and flutter in the water like an inverted cockroach is quite funny."

Полина Гагарина не может наступать на ногу

Singer's saving now ногу

According to star, "the Maldives in this time we are hostile". However, this does not prevent her to enjoy and share in his Instagram a lot of photos from the Islands. Gagarin shows a perfect figure in a swimsuit — she was able to quickly come in shape after childbirth.

Полина Гагарина не может наступать на ногу

Gagarin quickly lost weight after родов


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