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Maria Shukshina the second time became a grandmother

But neither the actress nor her son do not recognize kinship with the boy

The former lover of Makar Kasatkina, son of Maria Shukshina, the infamous Freya Zilber, recently again became a mother. (She already has a daughter who is brought up by the grandmother at home, in Barnaul — Approx. ed.). Broadcast talk-show "Andrey Malakhov. Live", she admitted that pregnancy was vainly trying to mend relations with the ex-lover and his mother. Two months before the birth the girl was in the hospital, where she had to stay until the baby is born. Due to the fact that the father of the child ignored her problems, a patronymic of the newborn yet. Freya wants to achieve from Makara recognition of paternity and is counting on financial assistance from his side.

According to Zilber, being "in position", she had to live with friends, sometimes in unsanitary conditions. However, after birth, the creators of the program, led by Malakhov, decided to provide her shelter and took off for the young mother's apartment in the capital. It is known that some time ago the specialists took a biomaterial newborn son Zilber and his sister Maria Shukshina Olga. But, according to expert opinion, the result of the DNA test are not valid, as Olga and son Freya are distant relatives, and to confirm the paternity right material Makar, or Maria Shukshina. To oblige the young man to be tested for the study, silber advised to go to court.


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