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Beach, fishing, meditation: how the stars spent the weekend

For many stars the may holidays the same welcome as the new year. Therefore, they treat them very seriously. have audited the leisure celebrities

Natalia Rudova has given the heat on the beach

Actress Natalia Rudova was a lover of masculine sports. May holidays it started with a trip to Baku on the stage of the races "Formula 1".

"This is becoming a good tradition — every year to fly to the beloved Caspian sea to the races! Will fly tomorrow to meet fast cars and sun! I'll meet you on the track," commented the actress your choice of leisure activities. During races, Natalia tried not to miss a single, despite the heat, which was announced on Instagram: "it Was very hot. There were a lot of accidents. All done guys. We are very worried for everyone. I can only add that the race is one of the most spectacular sports and I'm definitely in love." However, only one leisure cheerleaders vacation is not over. From Baku, the actress flew to Antalya, where she celebrated the birthday of a friend.

Philip noted the birthday in Portugal

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Philip Kirkoroff:

Philip Kirkorov may holidays began with the celebration of his 51st birthday, which the singer said in Lisbon. The production numbers of artists from Moldova did not prevent Philip to throw a big party, which was a friends birthday.

"Here in Portugal, the capital Lisbon is almost all Eurovision under the cool music DJ Katya Guseva (thanks for the wonderful gift), violin virtuoso Alexander Rybak (Norwegian thanks for the souvenir - salmon), the songs of Rihanna performed by diva from Azerbaijan to my beloved, Aysel (Thanks for luxurious, special gift), under the national Bulgarian songs... from my native Bulgaria (best gift), exclusive of present Belarus, and of course the songs "The only one" — my friend flown in specially for one day from Moscow to congratulate me — Sergey Lazarev (with lots of fashionable clothes for me as a gift)..." — wrote Philip (spelling and punctuation preserved). Despite the love for a family holiday, this time of children Kirkorov chose to leave in Moscow.

Yulia Baranovskaya became friends with crocodiles

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Yulia Baranovskaya, delimitato:

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya not afraid of a long flight and taken their children in America, and more specifically, to disney world in Orlando. Program mom, her two sons and daughter were very busy. One day they staged an eight-hour marathon skating on the rides, in the other avoided the area. For two days the family spent in the company of these crocodiles. Baranovskaya went to the nursery, where they live formidable alligators. Journey to the crocodile so enjoyed Julia and her kids that the next day they came here again. And, of course, remained unimpressed.

"Employees of the Park, when he saw us the second day in a row at their house, decided to know us a little better. We got to talking and became friends, eventually we were allowed to feed the white crocodiles! There were only a few dozen, because to live in the wild, they can't — their skin does not tolerate direct sunlight," wrote Julia.

Egor Krid suffered on vacation

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Egor Crepato:

A busy touring schedule, which Egor Krid tried to combine with a stay, did not pass unnoticed for the artist. Of the trip, the artist returned not only full of impressions and new tan, but "combat" injury. Artist has had several concerts in prestigious hotels. And, of course, the musician has chosen the time to plunge into the sea. However, he sailed a short time. As Yegor went to sea without special shoes, he managed to bump into the coral and hurt yourself. "Swam... Be careful in the "Turkish" sea. Sharp reefs and sometimes very small. PS Lame, but happy flew to Dubai. Tomorrow is the concert," said Yegor, fixing shocking photo with a bloody leg.

Anastasia conquered the Turks twines

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Anastasia Volochkova:

The dancer has repeatedly confessed his love for the Maldives, however, at the may flew to Turkey. Anastasia settled into a huge room, which is quite consistent with the breadth of her soul.

"I love the best of everything, luxury, massive, all about my size. My splits here will definitely fit!" — told the star. And so it happened. Anastasia made at least a dozen photos of the sea in different types. The splits were even on the roof. And, of course, not without a photo in the Nude. "No matter figure or not. We are all human beings. Different can be. Slim, full body, wealthy or not, the main thing — people stay! If there is nothing to envy, so this is perfect! Will not this quality to overshadow their souls? And let us swim in a sea of love, joy and success," concluded the artist.

Irina Dubtsova enjoyed the underwater world and fishing

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Irina Dubtsova with Synovate:

The lover island Paradise, Irina Dubtsova flew to rest on the Maldives. Company singer made her son Artem. Travellers settled in a Bungalow overlooking the ocean. During the trip, the singer not only enjoyed the sun on the beach, and rode on a yacht and even filmed under water with a mobile phone. In General, the underwater life has become, perhaps, the most vivid impression of Irene, what she forgot to tell subscribers.

"What are the interesting animals found. Standing waist-deep in water, down in the mask, and there is an unreal aquarium, and nothing serious! Shark reef! On people they do not attack". — informed fans Dubtsova.

Together with a team of professionals singer went to open ocean fishing. Irina expectations were met: she came home with the victory. The singer with the help of the team caught more than fifteen fish, which was cooked in the same evening.

Anfisa Chekhov has engaged in meditation

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Anfisa, Jehovite:

May holidays TV presenter held in Bali. As it turned out, Anfisa has already formed a perfect model of relaxation in the popular resort.

"In Bali you need to do yoga at dawn, Breakfast in the infinite small cafes, where everything is correct, but very tasty. Drinking fragrant Balinese coffee, reading a book, and not in a hurry. Gain strength for spiritual ceremonies in temples, to purify the magical sources, to meet with mediums, fortune-tellers, healers and therapists who with his strong arms and drive you in a trance. Meet new people who like magic, unexpectedly come into your life, and turn it in a good way, upside down. Cut through the island on a scooter, drinking huge coconuts and hang in an infinite beach club, if you are young and you want to get things moving. Around 5.30 PM well take a leisurely stroll at sunset beach, full of lovely smiling people, dogs, children, surfers, as a fine RUSAL emerging from the water. In the evening to listen to jazz in Riasi, enjoy cocktails on the beach or have a pool party at his Villa. And without the strength to fall into bed around 11 PM..."

By the way, in addition to yoga and meditation Anfisa also paid attention to nutrition. In her diet the Bali Breakfast was a green smoothie that consists of yoghurt, mixed herbs, spirulina, banana and beans. And unleavened wafers of wholesome flour, sugar and eggs, whipped natural ricotta.

Anna Sedokova was taken year-old son to the sea

Пляж, рыбалка, медитация: как звезды провели выходные

Anna Sedokova with Synovate:

The singer took her on tour of his young son and combined work with pleasure.

"Today I rested. It is a strange and unknown feeling? I have Turkey four shows today just a break. I decided to go with Hector not to be separated. Alinka decided not to fly with us. She traveled to Kiev and Minsk, our grandmothers. And yet, she dances and she can't to skip them," wrote the singer. As for the middle daughter Monica, now Anna can't see the baby and really suffers for this reason. Monica moved to Los Angeles to his father — her ex-husband Sedokova, businessman Maxim Cherniavsky.


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