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"Eurovision-2018": bodypositive wins

Triumfatora contest Netta Barzilai fits perfectly into the increasingly popular concept of bodypositive. It is not like the typical pop star and proud of it. took a look at the winner and other eurocentricism in the body

Netta Barzilai

At a press conference after the finals of the Israeli, answering the question about what will do when I get back home, ironically expressed the desire to eat a lot of hummus. Diet is clearly not her passion, and complexes on the figure, the singer does not suffer. More of her delicious forms concerned journalists. Netto constantly asked about the figure, and the singer does not get tired to answer, that is absolutely not shy about her weight. The singer is sure that people should like themselves the way was created by mother nature. Moreover, the ridicule in childhood but hardened her character. However, as Ms. Barzilai is the relationship with the opposite sex unknown: Netta hides information about his personal life.

«Евровидение-2018»: бодипозитив побеждает

Jessica Maubeuge:

Jessica Mauboy

In Australia, the 28-year-old singer's superstar status. When she participated in the talent show, one of the judges noticed that if Jessica wants to succeed she should "lose the belly jelly." "But it only made me stronger," said Jessica.

«Евровидение-2018»: бодипозитив побеждает

Saar, Autofoto:

Saara Aalto

Bodypositive beauty of Finland Saara Aalto took the 25-th place, but her happiness knew no bounds. The singer is immensely respected in her country. In 2016 it is even called man of the year in Finland. According to rumors, the 31-year-old Zahara in a relationship with a girlfriend named Mary.


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