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What happens to the daughter of Elena Sparrow

PR-Director of the artist said how now feels child

During may holidays, the actress Elena Sparrow scared the fans, saying that her daughter was in the hospital in Germany. For a long time from artist I never heard: she almost never wrote about the incident in his Instagram and commented. Fortunately, recently it became clear what happened. It turned out that the child was forced to go to the hospital for an operation, in fact, caused by the Russian doctors. Girl in a German clinic did spinal surgery. About the artist said in his microblog, put up x-ray. Elena told me that she came to the clinic in Moscow where the child was delivered diganos — scoliosis, and in a fairly serious manner. However, when later mother and daughter went back to the doctors to get exemption from physical education, the hospital reported that scoliosis is suddenly... gone! "That's the kind of back we were not given exemption from physical education and said that I "invent" a problem, which is that the scoliosis is minimal, and there is nothing to distract the doctors for nothing!!!!" — wrote in his microblog artist.

Что происходит с дочерью Елены Воробей

To maintain daughter a Sparrow in Germany and came to the other родственники

However, about six months ago, Sonia came the terrible pain, she found it hard to breathe, then Elena realized she didn't want to tempt fate a second time, and appealed to the German doctors, who advised him not to delay the operation, because the situation was getting worse literally with every week. In the end, his daughter Helena did surgery, put in the back 20 screws. However, what the girl's condition, Sparrow really did not tell, but in the last three days it has ceased to update the social network, the more scared their subscribers.

Что происходит с дочерью Елены Воробей

In the spine Sony put 20 шурупов

However, how did you learn the child is on the mend. With each passing day her condition is improving: the girl was hungry and she even asked your favorite cold soup, which Helen in Germany made of improvised means.

"The girl gets up, moves it steadily on the mend. Back in Russia, they expect in about a week", — said PR-Director Elena Sparrow.

Interestingly, some gossip already saw in the light of the situation with the child any benefit for the stellar mom that Elena replied harshly:

'...A few words to those who think this post is damaging my child... I don't post without her consent! We seek... And we just want to such cases as much as possible, to the doctors correctly diagnosed, the parents were careful that children didn't think this would go away and was silent until the moment when the pain becomes unbearable..." concluded the star.

Что происходит с дочерью Елены Воробей

The girl is trying to do first шаги

The cost of the operation, of course, was rather big, although the amount is not yet known. But Elena was not sorry to give all their fees for the child's health.


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