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Bilan accused Fadeeva of insincerity

The singer commented on the new post producer

Recently, Maxim Fadeev has published the result of his many meditations on the personal page "Instagram". In the caption to a selfie he noted how quickly and imperceptibly the time flies. "Happiness is the absence of pain, and only! I just know it. Be happy", — said the musician.

However, attentive fans have noticed there is one curious review, owned by Dima Bilan. The singer decided to publicly Express their producer claims: "loss of response is still okay... But you have unsubscribed from my Instagram. It is a pity that it is not as... sincere as I wanted to believe. Eh...".

Recall that recently their dissatisfaction with the work of Fadeev expressed and excalate of the group SEREBRO Elena Temnikova. According to the singer, Maxim ignored her repeated hints that she was very uncomfortable to speak and act in a dream.


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