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Elena Miro offensive spoke about divorce Sergei Shnurov,

Blogger Woo rocker Diana Shurygina

Popular blogger Lena Miro spoke sharply about the divorce of Sergei Shnurov and his wife Matilda, accusing the couple of alcoholism. The reason for its message was as the showman. Sergey Shnurov in his published poems: "What family I bonds?/The cord does not knot./Drink, so do all the muses./Sober offers scrap", wrote the leader of the "Leningrad".

"No, I did not remove the responsibility for divorce with specific drunk mochi. Well, see for yourself what a wife?" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. says: Miro ‒ "Drunk, lost their human face, degraded the female alcoholic. As faded and faded bed sheet in the color of urine in the holes".

His poems Cords ends with the words: "a lot of Women — I am one." According to the blogger, musician clearly overestimates himself, and no decent girl to communicate with him will not. She calls him "incompetent, unbalanced, drunken, stupid and resentful stooge". Lena found only one candidate to mistress Shnurov — Diana Shurygina.


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