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A diamond from her husband for the price of an apartment in the center

Exclusive what gifts received on your wedding day, Alena Kravets

Today, the secular public was excited with the news about the wedding of model Alena Kravets and millionaire Ruslan. All anything, but just six months ago, the Internet had spread the news that the businessman allegedly beat his wife and even wanted to take away her daughter Danielle. Pictures of face with bruises since then continue to "walk" across the Network.

According to rumors, the husband incredibly jealous. However it became known later that they got married again! The blonde still forgave her husband, who fully repent of their deeds. That they are together again, even unspecified amount of time ago wrote in his instagram. "Again the bride, the wife again.. Soon will reveal her wedding dress in all its glory its design", wrote the bride. However, the details of the Grand wedding still silent. It was only known that the wedding took place in the Tver registry office of Moscow in the presence of the closest, and then the company moved to the restaurant and celebrated the event.

Бриллиант от мужа по цене квартиры в центре

Alena Kravets with her husband-businessman Ruslan and daughter Danielles personal archive was able to learn ideal this evening. As is known, gifts — almost the main component of a successful wedding. And Alena in this respect was lucky. She's still under the impression of the gifts which she presented at the ceremony. For anybody not a secret that the singer collects luxury goods and Antiques, so the most valuable wedding gift was a set of antique watches 6 pieces, gave it to family friends. And, of course, the husband could not strike in a dirt the person and gave his beloved wife a diamond shade "champagne" 6 carats. These decorations cost about 12 million rubles to infinity. Spouse, of course, mean he did not.

Бриллиант от мужа по цене квартиры в центре

The wedding was not without romanticis personal archive

Well, a close friend of the singer presented a vintage sewing machine with overlock. Alena almost immediately fell in love with this gift, as it is design. Under the impression from your wedding, the model also plans to release a collection of wedding dresses, where every detail will rasshevatka beaded manually.


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