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Buzova put to shame the ungrateful creed

Colleagues had a public scuffle on the social network

According to the results recently compiled by the rating of participants show "the Bachelor," the largest number of subscribers in Instagram was the winner of the project of Darya Lukinoj. Attentive users of the social network noticed that the hero of the sixth season, the 23-year-old Egor Krid, I couldn't resist and quipped about it.

Бузова пристыдила неблагодарного Крида

Buzova shamed ungrateful Крида

"I do not mind, th. Who else followers?", he wrote in the comments. It is curious that his attack was responded to by the star of channel TNT, a 32-year-old Olga Buzova. The singer decided to put a colleague on the spot. "Egor really think it added subscribers and not the most popular channel in Russia, and show the girls in Prime time?", — she was indignant. In response to Egor said that not all who "lit up" in the air, there is such an active growth of the web audience. What Olga reassured him, saying that just "stebetsya", calling the performer "a Princess."


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